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This web site has been growing in length for almost eight years, almost entirely in the form of additional words and charts. Many readers have advised us to "lighten up" a bit, and include items of potential interest to a broader audience. Hence, in June 1999, we opened our first "galleries" of living Washington artists who depict our national capital city in their own ways. More details on each artist, and how their works can be seen (or acquired) are included with each gallery.

In every case, the artist wishes to maintain his or her copyrights, and we trust that our readers will respect those wishes.

We are anxious to get suggestions for additional artists who are capturing the Washington scene--from wherever they may live in the Washington metropolitan area.

We invite you to visit each gallery:

Stephen R. BrownIn 2003 and 2004, Stephen R. Brown photographed the on-going construction of the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, and documented the behind-the-scenes creation and installation of Raymond Kaskey's monumental sculpture. These dramatic photographs are featured in Brown's new book, World War II Memorial: Jewel of the Mall (available March, 2005).

o Panda Bears, Washington DC is a collection of over 200 sculptured standing or seated pandas, whimsically decorated, mainly by local artists in 2004. A sampling was photographed for NARPAC by Jarad Vary.
o Party Animals, Washington DC is a collection of some 200 sculptured donkey and elephant statues, whimsically decorated mainly by local artists in 2002.

o Verena Levine, an outstanding local artist who has produced a large number of quilts, depicting various happenings in DC, and who has now established her own website;

o John K. (Jack) Hannula, who has concentrated on "cityscapes" in his beloved Northwest Washington;

o John Cleave, who is combining his new occupation as an architectural photographer with his exceptional knowledge of computer graphics to turn photos into digital "paintings".

o Raymond Kaskey, who is an award- winning sculptor, with growing recognition for his classical and monumental sculpture not only throughout the Washington metro area, but in major cities across the US, and his wife

o Sherry L. Kaskey, a prize-winning artist currently teaching watercolor and portrait painting at Washington's Smithsonian Institution, and with a background not only in oils, but also in commercial art, gilding, and calligraphy. In addition to her delicate portraits for private clients, her. paintings also adorn public buildings and corporate offices in the metro region.

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o Tom Nyerges, splits his time between his considerable culinary skills and a remarkable capability with a camera. His black and white focus on "Faces of Washington" has produced some extraordinarily sensitive portraits which have been shown here and abroad.

We intend to expand these galleries as time and opportunities permit.

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