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Throughout this web site, you will find tables, charts, and statistical statements for which no individual references are given. In fact, these references are diverse, not always consistent, and in some cases, now somewhat out of date. Nevertheless, the statistical world tends to change slowly, and trends developed over long periods of time tend to persist in the short term as well. Would it be better to have all of this quantitative work perfect? Of course, but NARPAC, Inc. presently has neither the manpower nor the references to be exactly right. Here are the sources of quantitative materials we have used:

Home Rule Act, As Amended DC Self-Gov't and Gov't Reorganization Act, 1973, Nov 1989
INDICES, a statistical index to District of Columbia Services, 1993 and 1994-96
Greater Washington 1991 Data Book, Greater Washington Research Center
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Four Years Later - The Rivlin Report Revisited, KPMG Peat Marwick LLP, Dec 1994
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Crime in the United States, USDOJ, FBI, December 1996
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Digest of Education Statistics, 1994, USDOE, Office Education Research and Improvement
Children in Crisis: Foundations for the Future; Control Board, November 1996
Children in Crisis: Failure of DC's Public Schools; Control Board, November 1996
State Indicators in Education, 1997
Test Score Summary, DC Public Schools, Spring 1997 Stanford 9 Tests, October 1997
Leadership and Interest Group Politics: School Reform in Baltimore, Duke Univ., March 1997
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A Region Divided: State of Growth in Grtr Washington, Brookings, Sept?, 1999
New Directions: Shaping Opportunities 2000, MWCOG, Dec, 1999

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