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NARPAC, Inc. welcomes you to its big--and growing--web site about our nation's capital city. The Association is building a comprehensive source of information on how the District of Columbia got into its present difficulties; how serious they are; how it is beginning to work out of them; its alternatives for the future; and what is needed to get there.

what's narpac?
o What NARPAC, Inc. stands for:

The Association has a clear idea of what our nation's capital should be.

The Association's operational plans are spelled out, along with some suggestions on how you can help us and your country, and contribute to our national cause, if you so choose.

We believe our nation's capital metro area can be a place all Americans can be proud of, but that concerned Americans everywhere must help bring about the needed changes.

o NARPAC's Basics:

NARPAC depends greatly on existing materials generated by others. These include: DC's history; analyses of current and past problems; pertinent books by urban experts; a myriad of relevant web sites; and inputs from our web site visitors.

NARPAC often casts a critical eye on the work of others, but has no desire to take credit for their important contributions.

o NARPAC Products:

There are an increasing number of NARPAC products as the site matures, and we look for additional ways to draw attention not only to this site, but to the important problems discussed here--including awards, essay contests, an urban design contest, and an art gallery!

We will do whatever we can (within limited resources) to broaden the number of Americans who take an interest in their nation's capital city.

o DC's Current Status:

This site has a major section on DC's current status describing how DC is governed--both locally and through federal oversight--and the basic elements of its budget.

We believe DC's uniqueness in not having a state government above it, is not as important as the commonality of the socioeconomic problems it shares with the central cities of other US metro areas.

o The Major Issues:

This section provides extensive information on all the major issues facing the nation's capital in public education, safety and justice, public works, etc.; what the experts have judged the problems to be; and the steps now being implemented to alleviate them.

We believe the underlying framework for many of these longer-range solutions have yet to be established.

o Recent Analyses:

This last major section is devoted to recent analyses detailing many different potential solutions to DC's problems as the central city of a major metropolitan area. Alternative futures for DC are explored; variations in the "economic landscape" across the region are described; and the major NARPAC, Inc. focus on regionalism is developed.

We believe the problems confronting DC, the Washington area, and other metropolitan areas are endemic and will require regional solutions. The direction and success of our country in the next century depends on resolving them.

NARPAC, Inc. encourages all concerned American citizens to learn about the issues confronting their national capital city--and other metropolitan areas suffering from similar problems.

o Getting around the site:

What's New provides a list of major updates for the current and prior months and contains the current editorial.

A site map provides a graphical overview of how the material is organized across the site, and a text version that shows when each section was last updated.

A local search engine leads directly to key words throughout the site and its back-up materials.

"Hot links" shown underlined in blue, provide cross-links within the site, call up back-up graphics, tables, and reference text, and connect to other relevant web sites.

This page was updated on May 5, 2004

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